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watch_football_onlineThe amount of sports fans throughout the world numbers in the billions.  There are billions of people who love watching sports.  And yet every single one of them faces the same challenge; not being able to watch the games that they want to watch.  There are a number of reasons why people are limited in their viewing selection, and the goal of Atdhe is to help everyone find live streams of the games that they want to watch in real time.

The most common reason why people cannot get access to the games they want to see is because we are all limited by our local television channels.  They usually only show the local sports teams and once in a while they will televise a national game.  I am sure if you want to “upgrade” your cable package, i.e. pay hundreds of dollars a month, you could get a vastly improved selection of games to watch.  But not everybody is a millionaire, and not everybody wants to watch the games at home on a tv set.

How does Atdhe come into play to help sports fans worldwide?  Atdhe, each and every day, will post a list of links for almost every single sporting event happening that day.  These links will be to where you can watch each game live online.  These broadcasts happen across many different sites (hundreds) and for someone to scour the net to find a live stream of a game they are interested in could be a huge challenge and take literally hours of your time.  This is why millions of people have flocked to the ease and success of Atdhe.  live_football

One of the first questions that people have is ‘how do the games get streamed online’.  Atdhe is actually not streaming the games.  The games are streamed online by other fans just like you.  Imagine a person in London streaming their local soccer match, while a person in San Francisco streaming their local NFL game, someone in Australia streaming the Australian Open tennis matches, and someone in India putting the live cricket matches online.  There are millions of people who have the capability to stream online without having to buy any additional hardware (or software).  And thousands of them are actually streaming things online once in a while.  This allows all the sports fans to have a potentially near complete listing of every sporting event going on.

There are two different ways you can watch sports streams online.  One way is through using software.  The software out there that is popular amongst people is free.  You can see the games or even stream them yourself for free with software.  The second way to view the games is through embedded videos within websites.  This is very convenient but sometimes a video gets taken offline for any one of a variety of reasons and then you have to find a second stream to watch.  Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages but both ways are free.

The reason why Atdhe is very popular is because it has since 2008 provided reliable daily links to live sports online.  Over this time it has grown from having a very small following in the beginning to now having millions of people who have used the site.  The growth is amazing and it is with good reason.  If you are a sports fan and want to watch live football, basketball, baseball, cricket, MMA, boxing, hockey, or anything else then be prepared to be amazed with Athde.